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Restaurant Online Ordering System

Our system has been proven to help small businesses with all their online ordering needs. Plus, we’ve incorporated new technology that makes the process simpler and more efficient than ever before.

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Going Touchless with your Restaurants

If you’re looking to set up a comprehensive online menu system for your restaurant, XCELLAPP’s software is the perfect solution. With our powerful tools, you can create and manage your entire online presence, complete with attractive menu cards, detailed food listings, and easy-to-use ordering and tracking features. And, to make sure your customers can access your menu on the go, we’ll create a full-featured mobile site just for you.

Niches that we Serve

American Cuisine

Arabian Cuisine

Australian Cuisine

Brazilian Cuisine

Barbecue Restaurants

British Cuisine

Canadian Cuisine

Chinese Cuisine


Cakes and Bakes

Belgian Cuisine

Burrito Stalls

Donut Central

Falafel Stalls

French Cuisine

Fried Food Restaurants

German Cuisine

Greek Cuisine

Hawaiian Cuisine

Hotdog Hub

Ice Cream Corner

Indian Cuisine

Italian Cuisine

Indonesian Cuisine

Irish Cuisine

Japanese Cuisine

Kebab Restaurant

Korean Cuisine

Mexican Cuisine

Macroni Corner

Milkshake Corner

Nacho Stalls

Nigerian Cuisine

Noodles Corner

Pizza Palace

Portuguese Cuisine

Russian Cuisine

Spanish Cuisine

Street Burger

Sweets & Chocolate Hubspot

Sandwich Central

Sea Food Corner

Steak Reataurants

Taco Central

Thai Cuisine

The Juice Shop

Toasty Central

Vegan Restaurant

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Your issue is our main priority. Our 24/7 support team is here to help you and make sure our product is up to date. Have a presale question about our products and features? Or looking for a refund? We would love to hear what your concern is. 

Restaurant Digital Services

Offers an Online Ordering System for restaurants . The system is also applicable to any small businesses who operates an online ordering services.

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